Old Gold 3D
First Person Dungeon Crawler Role-Playing Game for Android / iOS

It's the iOS / Android modern mobile game with the retro offline single player combat gameplay, return you back in time to the days of best 3D first person shooter games. Delve into an underground fantasy realm of Undead King in search of old gold. Over the course of the dungeon crawler FPS, improve your medieval combat skill of sword fighting and bow shooting to defeat the army of the dead and destroy Undead King once and for all!

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Key Gameplay Features of 3D Action Mobile Game for Smartphones and Tablets

3D action game for ipad and iphone Android 3D action game

The shooting game features are:

★ One of the best Shoot 'Em Ups gameplay for Android smartphones, ipads an iphones.
★ Journey through deadly dungeons full of rare items and treasure chests.
★ Engage in battles with awful beasts and hordes of skeleton warriors.
★ Weapons like: broken sword, rocks, dagger, throwing knives, sword, bow, mace, magic staff and spear.
★ A small APK file size makes it an easy install to your smartphone or tablet

This Android / iOS offline single player mobile game is for all fans of 3D action games, dungeon crawler rpg, fantasy medieval FPS games(First-Person Shooters), action rpg games, and for all those who like to fight undead creatures by sword and magic.

Key Gameplay Features of First Person Dungeon Crawler RPG For Android / iOS

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