How to Buy and Tech Support from Gelios Software

Free support is available to those who purchase the full version of our software. We also endeavor to assist users who are evaluating our software, but priority is given to our customers. Click on appropriate section for your Question or Problem.

Help to Purchase the Full Version or Upgrade it to Latest Version

Reasons why I must buy a 3D screensaver or a PC game?
Free programs found on the Internet are often limited in features, unreliability and often can includes a malware that is downloaded onto your computer when you install them. All our 3D software is free of spyware, adware and viruses, you can evaluate it for free, but you should buy it if you want to get benefits of the full features. The full version allows you to save settings and it includes additional features, scenes, graphics and animation.
How can I buy the 3D screensavers and PC games?
You can purchase it on-line with your credit card, PayPal, check or money order. On payment approval, we will send you the license information and link to download the full version. It will usually be sent to you in a minute after your order. Click here to learn more or purchase 3D screensavers or PC games.
I purchased several time ago your software and how can I update it to the latest version?
Download and install the latest version by clicking on the link in your registration email, and then use the license information to unlock all features. The license information is valid for all minor version updates of software. The major version updates are not free, but you can update your old version for lower price. Click here to save on update of software.

Help to Download, Install, Customize or Remove Software

How to Download and Install the 3D Screensavers or PC Games on your computer.
Just go to our download page to download the 3D screensaver or PC game that you want to try, and then click on the link to save the file on your hard drive. After the download is finished, you have to install the software. Find the file you downloaded and double-click it to begin installation process. If you install the full version, the dialog box appears at the end of the installation and you will be prompted to enter your license name and license code.
What I need do to run the screen saver as default and configure its settings?
Click on the screensaver icon on your Windows desktop to display the screensaver settings. Click on the Default Screen saver button to set it as Windows screensaver. Click the "Ok" button to save changes. The customized settings will be saved, if you buy full version of the screensaver.
How do I take the screen savers off my desktop?
We are sorry that you have chosen to remove our software. We are interested in your thoughts about our software, and would appreciate it if you would take a minute to Contact Us and send reasons for uninstalling software or additional comments you would like to share with us. If there is a chance to return you (on the assumption of satisfying all your items), please allow us to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. If you need to remove the screen saver from your system, click on the Windows Start button, select Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. Select the screensaver in the list of installed software, and click on the Add/Remove button.
Once I registered, I thought I would get a CD-ROM. Where is it?
We distribute our products via internet. The software from our web site is fully functional and any updates are immediately available to you for download. But if you want to have the hard copy of product that you bought, you can buy the Backup CD-ROM. You still need to buy full versions to unlock screensavers and games on this CD.

Help to Unlock the Full Version of Software

How to get rid of the advertising screen and unlock all features?
Click on the link in your registration email to download and install the full version on your computer. After you download it on your computer, double-click on the file you just downloaded to start installation. At the end of the install process, The unlock dialog will be displayed and you will be prompted to enter your license name and license code. Type your license name and your license code and finally please click on "Ok" button to complete the registration! Make sure that you entered your license information correctly. If you have entered it with errors, you should to reinstall the screen saver to try again.
I just bought the full version of one of your software products but it seems that I still have the trial version. Why?
Four discreet steps must be followed when ordering software online. First, you place the order online with us. The second step is to download the file from our web site to bring the new software down to your computer. Make sure to remember where you put the downloaded file on your system. The third step is to go and run that downloaded file to install it onto your system by double-clicking on the file. The final step is to unlock all the features of software. The two most common causes of this problem are that either the updated "full version" was not downloaded, or it was downloaded but not installed or unlocked.
My computer crashed and I lost the software I had ordered and downloaded from you. Please, help me get the screensaver back.
If you have an old version, you can can quickly get it back, Just buy the latest version for lower price. Click here to save on the latest version of software. If you want to wait some time, you can send your request for us, and we will try to search your license information.
I lost all my order information. Can you send me it again?
Please fill out the next fields as close as possible and send this info to us.

Trouble Downloading and Installing Software

I cannot Download EXE files - Message "Security risk to download"
Our screen savers and games have not any spyware, adware, third party software andviruses.
Try these solutions to fix your problem:
Download the full version from our web sites ( and
Some firewalls and antivirus software can display this message when you install new program. Just allow to continue download and installation.
If you use google gmail, right click on the link and select download in a new window it should work or try to copy the link into your internet browser.
Your Internet Explorer security settings may be set too high.

  1. Click the Start button, and then click Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Click the Reset all zones to default level button.
  5. Under Internet zone, check that the Default Level is no higher than "Medium".

Software Installed, but won't Start

The screen saver does not work on my computer. How do I correct this?
This screen saver uses the latest 3D technologies and hardware acceleration via OpenGL. OpenGL is the cross platform, high performance standard for 3D graphics applications like 3d screen savers and games. Many PC graphics cards have hardware acceleration but often come without OpenGL drivers. Many Laptops have no this drivers. Microsoft delivers Windows 2000 or Windows XP without OpenGL hardware acceleration drivers too. If you want to use 3D graphics on your computer with maximum performance and quality, you should obtain the latest video drivers from your video card vendor. In addition, some of the video cards have hardware acceleration for 16-bit colors and low screen resolutions only. Please use the following guidelines:

Software Run but doesn't Look Right or it Crashes

Where can I download the latest video drivers?
You can download new drivers from Vendor's web site of your video card.
The screen saver works only a few second. How do I correct this?
Some programs like multimedia players (music box, winamp and so on) can disable screen savers. Check your background programs to resolve this problem. This can occur if Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook Internet Mail Only installation is configured to automatically check for new messages in a period of time that is shorter than the period of time that the screen saver is configured to start. To work around this issue, configure the screen saver to start in a period of time that is shorter than the period that Outlook Express or Outlook is configured to check for new messages automatically. Make sure your system has latest video or audio drivers. About 90% of problems are out of date drivers. You can download new drivers, visiting a vendor's web site of your video card.