Realistic Fireplace App for Android Phone

You can have the soothing ambience of burning wood, wherever and whenever you want. There are many options available for your customization. It isn't a simple HD video loop! Just connect your Android phone or Android tablet to TV to decorate your living room with wood burning fireplace app. Great for anyone who celebrates Christmas and who want to add beauty, ambiance and romance without the burden of the real fireplace.

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Key Benefits of Realistic Android Fireplace App for Phone and Tablet

fireplace for android android fireplace app

Adjustable virtual fireplace app settings are:

★ realistic flame animation from roaring fire to glowing embers
★ 3 hearths styles
★ 4 unique fireguards
★ 3 animated fireplace backgrounds
★ 2 authentic crackling soundtracks
★ 3 flame colors
★ flickering sparkles and slow moving smoke
★ a small APK file size makes it an easy install to your smartphone or tablet

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