AngelFish Aquarium TV - 3D Fish App

Angel fish aquarium for Android TV or smartphone includes freshwater fish tank with red cup white albino angelfish, silver altum angelfish, gold angelfish and black marble angelfish free moving among amazing fresh water decorations with underwater backgrounds, plants, light rays and animated small air bubbles, all in original 4k HD 3D quality without need to have a real fresh water aquarium fish or download and play a big looped swimming fish video.

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System Requirements for Android smartphone, Android TV

Key Benefits of Top Android AngelFish App for Phone and Tablet

AngelFish Aquarium Android TV 3D Angel Fish Tank Aquarium

Customized angel fish aquarium app settings are:

★ 3D animated albino, altum, gold, marble angelfish
★ free swimming aquarium fish schools
★ underwater wave ripples
★ moving blue light rays through water
★ different green underwater plants on the aquarium floor
★ underwater fizzing air bubbles flow rising from the depths up to the water surface
★ river underwater rocks on a shallow riverbed
★ a small APK file size makes it an easy install to your android TV, smartphone or tablet

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