3D Screensaver and Wallpaper with Discus Fish

Pictures of Discus fish Screensaver of Discus fish

Download the school of aquarium Discus fish free moving in Fish Tank Screensaver to turn your computer into 3D aquarium fish tank screensaver. The discus is a large cichlid freshwater fish from the Amazon River. The natural three discus species are the Blue Discus (Symphysodon aequifaciatus haraldi), the Green Discus (Symphysodon aequifaciatus aequifaciatus) and the Brown Discus (Symphysodon aequifaciatus axelrodi). The discus is a social fish and like to school with other discus in a group. Now you can enjoy and benefit from tropical Discus fish without the expense of the real freshwater tank. It never gets boring, there is always something new to see.

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3D Fish School Screensaver

Enhance your Windows Desktop with Discus Fish Tank Screensaver and 3D Wallpaper

Download and install the full version of 3D Fish Screensaver. In the settings of 3D fish screensaver, click on the Discus fish name check-box. With soothing underwater backgrounds and gently moving 3D Discus fishes, you set now the perfect backdrop for a relaxing. If you want to decorate your Windows desktop with a moving Discus fish 3D wallpaper, just right-click on the image above and select "Set As Wallpaper" from the drop-down menu.

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